Winter Treks : Khaliya Top


Khaliya Top or the Khuliya Top is the highest point in Munsyari, a small town of Kumaon region in Uttarakhand. Climbing the top in winters is in itself an extra-ordinary thrill with temperatures nailing down to -10 degrees, but once you reach the top, one can witness the 360 degree panorama of the colossal peaks of Panchachuli, Nandadevi, Rajarambhaand the Milam valley. We, at Yuvashakti have opened up a brand new option for those who wish to challenge themselves in the winters. A trek fit for adventure seekers, the Khaliya Top trek presents a safe, yet thrilling experience. The snow in January, February and March changes the mountain landscapes into miles and miles of white slopes, as also allows trekkers to have a safe climb upto the Khaliyatop. The main differentiating feature of this trek is that all the stays are arranged in the comforts of rest houses and not tents which make winters a bit unbearable.


Delhi to Delhi : ₹ 14,500