Biking : Leh Biking


This once restricted route takes us across high Himalayan passes and two extensive plains resembling the Prairies of Russia & America. On the way amidst a barren and awesome landscape, tiny streams glisten in the sun whilst large snow clad mountains loom in the distance. Here, the landscape assumes fantastic and bizarre shapes, a result of nature's erosion factor. Surrealistic colors splash off rocks ranging from rust, gold, pink and yellow. Here, one is traversing the roof of the world, where Buddhism is a dominant factor in molding the lives of the local inhabitants. Once the high Tanglangla pass is crossed, the road winds downward into the Rupshu valley of Ladakh. Tiny villages appear like small oasis in a mountain desert. On reaching Leh, it seems one has stepped back into time. Here ageless monasteries cling precariously to craggy hillsides which present one with a strangely beautiful picture. Manali-Leh Safari would be one of the most memorable Safaris one will experience in a lifetime.