International : Summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro


Scaling Mount Kilimanjaro has been a dream for many young, enthusiastic mountain lovers. It is Africa’s highest mountain and one of the world’s most iconic peaks. Situated in the Northern part of Tanzania, in the Kilimanjaro National Park, it happens to be the highest free standing mountain in the world (not part of a mountain range). The summit on Mount Kilimanjaro is called Uhuru Peak and stands at 5,895m or 19,341 feet. Out of the seven routes used to summit this peak, we would use one of the safest of all – the Machame route. This route increases the chances of summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro due to its relatively gradual height gain and we have also included an additional day for better acclimatization


Moshi To Moshi: ₹ 1,54,000/-