Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

To confirm your participation, you have the following options:
  1. You can visit our office at Narayan Peth, Pune and obtain a registration form. On mentioning all the details asked, pay an amount of Rs.5,000/- (non-refundable) and obtain a receipt of the same. Your participation is confirmed. The balance amount can be paid one month before the departure date of the respective batch.
  2. Alternatively, you can go to the “Download� menu at the top. Download the form ( Yuvashakti or Himalayan Adventurers ), fill it up, send it across with a Demand Draft of Rs.5,000/- ( non-refundable). You can also deposit the said amount at our bank account.

    The details of the bank account are as follows:
    Bank Name : IDBI Bank,
    Branch Name : Laxmi Road Branch, Pune.
    Yuvashakti account number : 45910010014172
    Himalayan Adventurers account number : 45910010015009
    IFSC Code : IBKL 0000459
  3. In the “Contact us� menu on the home page, we have mentioned the addresses of our Branch offices. You can visit any of the branches, obtain the application form, fill it and submit it to the office bearers. They will be issuing you a temporary receipt and the main receipt will be couriered to you by the Pune office shortly.
All the couriers can be sent at the following address:
Name : Yuvashakti
Address : 388, Narayan Peth, Near Modi Ganpati, Rashtrabhasha Bhavan, Pune -411 030 Maharashtra(India)
Telephone : (020) 24456696 / (020) 65221111
Email :
In case of any emergencies, or in case if you need to communicate any urgent message to the participants and their mobile numbers are not reachable, you can call on the following numbers:
Himalayan treks: Mr. Jaysukh Shah - +91 9423005749
Jungle camps: Mr. Vinay Ranganekar - +91 9822913455
local treks: Mr. Anil Mate - +91 9423003077
The fees collected by Yuvashakti takes care of all the transportation by train, taxi, bus etc. from Pune to Pune, the entire accommodation in tents, tea houses or standard economy hotels, vegetarian meals from the designated Base Camp to the Base Camp.

The fees however do not include the meal charges on the journey from Pune to the Base Camp and back, any kind of additional sightseeings, rafting, mineral water etc.
Yes, there is a refund of Rs.1200/- (One Thousand Two hundred only) per person if the participant wishes to arrange for these journeys on his/her own.
Yes, we do organize a pre-camp meeting for every batch. The details of the venue, time etc. is communicated to each participant well in advance. All minute information about the travel, risks involved, dos and don’ts, inclusions etc. are discussed in this meeting. Kindly note that attendance to this meeting is compulsory for all the participants, and in case if some participant does not turn up, it shall be deemed that all the rules and regulations are understood and accepted by these participants.
Admission for all the Himalayan Camps and Jungle Camps are confirmed only after a participant pays a non-refundable fees of Rs.5,000/-(Rs. Five thousand only). In case if a written application about cancellation is received at the Yuvashakti head office one month prior to the departure of the respective batch, Rs. 5000/- will be deducted from the total amount paid and the balance amount will be refunded. No refund is possible if the application is received at the Yuvashakti office less than one month prior to the departure of the respective batch.
For the Himalayan treks, the minimum age is 12 years, if the participant is travelling alone, and it is 8 years if the participant is accompanied by at least one of his parents / guardians. There is no maximum age limit. The only condition is that he / she should be physically fit to undertake a trek of an average of 12 to 15 km. per day.
On an average, a participant has to trek a distance of 12 – 15km. per day. The duration of the journey depends on the nature of terrain. If it is uphill, the average walk could be 6/7 hours each day, and in case of downhill terrain, it can be around 4/5 hours each day.
A list of things to be carried for
Himalayan Treks
Rucksack, Cotton shirts, Jeans,Thermal wear,Wooleen Scarf,Wooleen & Cotton socks,Sports Shoes (with rubber sole),Chappals,Gloves, Light raincoat,Torch, Water Bottle,Lunch Box ,Electral Powder,Thread, Needle, Buttons,Dark sun glasses,Note book, Pen ,Cold Cream / Sun Screen,Toilet Material,Small and big plastic bags,Personal medical Kit (Pain Killer, Band-aid, antiseptic cream)

Jungle Safaris
Photo ID (Driving License / Pan Card or Voting Card ),Cotton T-shirts,Full T-shirts,Jeans ,Shoes, Socks,Cap, Cotton Scarf,Dark Sun Glasses,Torch,Reference book,Diary, Pen,Camera,Charger, Cell,Binocular,Sun Screen,Toilet Material,Water bottle,Personal medical Kit (Pain Killer, Band-aid, antiseptic cream)
Most of the things have been covered in the fees paid. Generally, an amount of Rs.5,000/- ( five thousand only) shall be sufficient to cater to the meals en-route and emergencies. However, if the participant thinks that he / she would be required to hire a porter, or has plans to purchase a few things, the amount can be anywhere between Rs.8,000/- and Rs. 10,000/-
In case if the participant does not have sufficient cash and finds himself in a situation of a medical emergency, the group leader can arrange for such amounts either by his own or by asking other participants to contribute. Any such expenses must be reimbursed by the participant who received it on reaching back home.
Yuvashakti is a voluntary organization. It runs by the voluntary participation of such persons who were themselves participants earlier, and because they liked our activities they approached the us and started leading batches. Anyone who wishes to join us as volunteers, can approach Yuvashakti office and start.
Yuvashakti has a very transparent work environment. We always appreciate frank and straight forward feedback from our participants. This enables us to improve on the quality of our services and remain competitive. Any participant is free to personally meet the Secretary Mr. Vinay Ranganekar ( cell no. +91 9822913455) at Yuvashakti office in the evening. Alternatively, your feedback / complaints can be directly mailed to the President, Mr. Ajit Sane on his e-mail :

A great effort goes on the basic preparations of these treks. The safety aspects, logistics etc. gets priority and our representatives keep visiting these places frequently to check and fix any sudden problems.

The participants are expected to keep practicing. They need to walk everyday, at least for 8/10km. Take care that their shoes are used ones; new shoes might ruin your trek due to development of blisters. Also your shoes must have a rubber sole.

Participants must understand that they are undertaking an adventure camp, not a luxury tour. There is every possibility that there might be a change in the schedule or something might wrong due to a sudden, unexpected problem. Participating in our camps needs a different mentality. You have to realize that the places that you are visiting are exotic, untouched, unpolluted, and peaceful ones where no commercial activities are conducted. To visit such places one must expect only very basic arrangements. Those who are used to luxurious lifestyle and expect the same everywhere must stay away from joining our camps.