Local Treks - Schedule

Local treks cannot be booked online. For information and registration for local treks kindly call Mr. Anil at +91 9423003077 or contact our office numbers (020) 65221111 and (020) 24456696.

March 2019
Sunday3rd Mar 19Rajgad
Sunday10th Mar 19Lohgad
Sunday17th Mar 19Raigad
Sunday24th Mar 19Chavand/Naneghat
April 2019
Sunday7th Apr 19Vasota
Sunday14th Apr 19Hadsar
Sunday21st Apr 19Katraj to Sinhagad(Moonlight)
Saturday - Sunday27 - 28th Apr 19Harishchandragad
May 2019
Sunday5th MayTikona
Sunday12th May 19Kokandiwa
Sunday18th May 19Katraj to Sinhagad(Moonlight)
Sunday26th May 19Vasota
June 2019
Sunday2nd Jun 19Sarasgad
Saturday - Sunday8 - 9th Jun 19Rajmachi
Saturday - Sunday15 - 16th Jun 19Torna
Saturday - Sunday22 - 23rd Jun 19Kalsubai - Ratangad
Sunday30th JunSudhagad
July 2019
Sunday7th Jul 19Raireshwar
Sunday14th Jul 19Andharban
Saturday - Sunday20 - 21st Jul 19Rajmachi
Sunday28th Jul 19Duke's Nose(Monsoon Spl.)
August 2019
Sunday4th Aug 19Andharban
Saturday - Sunday10 - 11th Aug 19Khandas - Bhimashankar
Sunday18th Aug 19Ratangad
Sunday25th Aug 19Bhorgiri - Bhimashankar
September 2019
Sunday1st Sep 19Kokandiwa
Sunday8th Sep 19Raigad
Sunday14th Sep 19Katraj to Sinhagad
Sunday22nd Sep 19Rohida
Sunday29th Sep 19Devkund
October 2019
Sunday6th Oct 19Rajgad
Saturday - Sunday9 - 10th Oct 19Torna
Sunday20th Oct 19Naneghat - Malshejghat
Wednesday - Thursday - Friday30 - 31st Oct 1st NovMahabaleshwar Jungle Trek
November 2019
Sunday3rd Oct 19Vasota
Saturday - Sunday9 - 10th Nov 19Harishchandragad via Pachnai
Sunday17th Nov 19Shivneri - Lenyadri
Sunday24th Nov 19Hadsar
December 2019
Sunday 1st Dec 19Kothaligad
Sunday 8th Dec 19Sudhagad
Sunday 15th Dec 19Vasota
Saturday - Sunday21 - 22nd Dec 19Kalsubai - Ratangad
Saturday - Sunday28 - 29th Dec 19Harishchandragad via Pachnai
January 2020
Sunday5th Jan 2020Naneghat - Malshej
Sunday 12th Jan 2020Devkund
Sunday19th Jan 2020Vasota
Friday - Saturday - Sunday24 - 25 - 26th Jan 2020Salher - Mulher