Terms & Conditions

Participation in any of the treks, camps and jungle safaris organized by Yuvashakti and Himalayan Adventurers, is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Participation in any of our adventure programmes can be confirmed by paying a non – refundable amount of Rs.5,000/-. The balance amount must reach us 30 days prior to the departure of the respective group. Payments can be made by cash or cheque at Yuvashakti office or can be transferred online by using credit / debit cards, bank transfers etc. on our safe Payment Gateway.

  2. Participants joining our programmes in Pune may kindly note that railway reservations begin 120 days prior to the date of departure. A confirmed railway reservation will be offered to those participants who enroll with us at least 123 days prior to the departure date.

  3. Yuvashakti and Himalayan Adventurers work in the field of adventure which involves certain element of risk. All participants of Himalayan Treks must be physically and mentally fit to undertake such activities where your body needs to train itself to cope up with physical activities of exertion at lower levels of oxygen. Physical fitness is the key to succeed in adventure and every participant must be capable of ideally trekking a distance of 5 kms. in 35 minutes. Regular practice of uphill walking, jogging and a work out in a gym will enable participants to enjoy our activities to the fullest. Kindly note that no refund is possible in the event of a participant discontinuing a trek, camp or a jungle safari for any reason whatsoever.

  4. Following things are to be carried by the participants:

    Himalayan Treks:
    Rucksack, Cotton shirts, Jeans, Thermal wear, Wooleen  Scarf, Wooleen & Cotton socks, Sports Shoes (with rubber sole), Chappals, Gloves, Light raincoat, Torch, Water Bottle, Lunch Box ,Electral Powder, Thread, Needle,  Buttons, Dark sun glasses, Note book, Pen ,Cold Cream / Sun Screen, Toilet Material, Small and big plastic bags, Personal medical Kit (Pain Killer, Band-Aid, antiseptic cream)

    Jungle Safaris
    Photo ID (Driving License / Pan Card or Voting Card ),Cotton T-shirts, Full T-shirts, Jeans ,Shoes, Socks, Cap, Cotton Scarf, Dark Sun Glasses, Torch, Reference book, Diary, Pen, Camera, Charger, Cell, Binocular, Sun Screen, Toilet Material, Water bottle, Personal medical Kit (Pain Killer, Band-Aid, antiseptic cream)

  5. Whether a participant confirms his / her seat online or offline, an application form, fully filled personally by the participant, must be submitted at the Yuvashakti office at least 15 days prior to the departure of the said trek, camp or jungle safari. Those who confirm their participation online, should download the application form and the medical certificate. The medical certificate should be stamped and signed by a MBBS doctor, application form personally filled by the participant and sent to Yuvashakti office by courier on the following address:

    388, Narayan Peth,
    Rashtrabhasha Bhavan,
    Near Modi Ganpati,
    Pune – 411030
    Tel – 020 – 65221111, 24456696, 09623667788.

    Please note that the form should be complete in all respects like the mention of full name, address, date of birth, mobile phone number, landline number, e – mail id, blood group, signature of the participant on the indemnity bond, signature of the parents of participants below 18 years of age etc. Kindly note that participants failing to send these forms and medical certificates or those whose forms are incomplete will not be allowed to start the trek from Base Camp. No refund will be entertained in such cases. These formalities are necessary for the smooth conduct of adventure activities.

  6. In light of the fact that over 50% of the participation in various programmes conducted by Yuvashakti consists of ladies, use of shorts (half pants) is not allowed on any of the programmes conducted by Yuvashakti.

  7. Safety always comes first over any other priority at Yuvashakti. Any decisions to abandon the trek or any part thereof, returning to a camp without reaching a pre-determined point, cancellation of a day’s activity and such other decisions taken by the Group and Camp Leaders in the interest of the safety of the group will be binding on all the participants. All such decisions will be taken by our expert leaders who have been visiting the Himalayas for quite some time and with due advise of the local support staff.

  8. The behaviour of participants on any of the programmes conducted by Yuvashakti is expected to be descent at all times. Causing discomfort to any other participants, rash and arrogant behaviour amounting to disrespect to other participants, clashes and conflicts of any kind among participants will result into termination of the concerned individual’s trek and no refund will be entertained. Yuvashakti expects candid behaviour from participants and all are requested to maintain a descent decorum all along the trek. 

  9. Participants join the adventure programmes organized by Yuvashakti and Himalayan Adventurers at their own risk and responsibility. Any person authorized by Yuvashakti and Himalayan Adventurers on their behalf shall not, in any way, be liable to participants, their dependents, legal heirs, successors or any other person for any loss, damage, disability or injury sustained by the participant or for death resulting from his / her participation in any of the adventure program organized by Yuvashakti and Himalayan Adventurers.

  10. We serve vegetarian food all along the trek, camp and jungle safari. This takes care of a fit stomach and in turn ensures a memorable adventure. Meals served include bed tea, breakfast, hot lunch or a packed lunch (as the case may be), evening tea and snacks followed by dinner.

  11. Rucksacks of participants can be transported to higher camps by mules or porters if such requests are made at the Base Camp. The charges of such porterage would be around Rs.200 to Rs.300 per day for a sack not weighing over 12 kgs. No such arrangements are possible once the group leaves Base Camp.

  12. Yuvashakti believes in the movement – “Keep Himalayas Clean”. All the itineraries would be duly approved by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation, New Delhi. When we seek such approvals, we are required to submit a written undertaking about the maintenance of cleanliness and upkeep of the flora and fauna of the area where we trek. We thus expect our participants to ensure that they don’t cause any kind of harm to the environment, dump all their litter at designated bins and help to keep the Himalayas clean.

  13. Consumption of alcohol is strictly banned on all programmes organized by Yuvashakti. Anybody found under the influence of alcohol at any point will be asked to disassociate from the group with immediate effect. No refund can be claimed against any such terminations.

  14. A typical group of Himalayan Trek consists of around 35 to 40 participants. While this group sets on a trek, it is necessary that the group marches as one unit keeping the least amount of gap between participants. This allows the leaders to manage the group conveniently. The group is escorted by two local group leaders, one at the beginning and the other at the end. Participants must take care that they don’t leave the group and take diversions on their own. They should always remain a part of the group. The landscape changes after every few hundred meters and we would recommend our participants to enjoy pristine nature at its fullest. Please don’t treat treks as races or rallies.

  15. We expect that our participants appreciate the fact that organizing treks and camps in the difficult Himalayan terrain is a challenging job. Though we ensure that everything possible is in place to offer our participants a seamless adventure, there are a few things outside our scope and control. With an experience of over 25 years under our cap, we do anticipate some difficulties like flash floods, over raining, untimely snowfall, earthquakes, landslides, man-made issues like strikes, chakka jams etc. We continuously conduct training programmes for our experts and everybody at Yuvashakti is well versed with handling such situations. In any such emergencies, you and your residence will receive a call from Yuvashakti about the latest updates of the situation and the well-being of all the participants.  

  16. The rules for cancellation are same for Himalayan Treks in India. If any participant wishes to cancel his participation from any of the programmes at any point, there is a flat deduction of Rs.5,000/-. A participant must send a hand written application to the Yuvashakti office or send an e – mail requesting cancellation. The participants will be refunded the balance amount within fifteen days from the receipt of the application for cancellation.